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Soccer Practice


The membership of KCAFC is limited by the availability of pitches and the number of coaches able to manage the squads. Due to the popularity of the club, we operate a set of membership criteria to ensure we are being fair to both existing and new club members.

In order to ensure we can adequately look after the children and young people, we have set a maximum squad size of 18 for over 10s and a maximum squad size of 14 for u10s. We will endeavour to accept all children into the club, but in the event that we are oversubscribed, the following criteria will be used to determine which people are able to join the club.

Prior Year Membership

Children and young people who are already club members will be given priority over new members. In the event that we are oversubscribed with existing members, then we will also take into account players’ attendance records, attitude, commitment and dedication in the previous season.

Anticipated Availability for the Coming Season

Priority will be given to players who make this club their primary club. If players are committed to school teams and/or other clubs ahead of KCAFC, this will not necessarily preclude them, but this will be taken into account if we are oversubscribed and may also affect match selection decisions.


Religious Commitment

Preference may be given to children who can only play on Saturdays due to religious commitments on a Sunday.


Membership Fee Paid for the Coming Season

If membership fees are not paid by September 1st, this may preclude a child from joining in the event of oversubscription. If a player has been accepted into membership but has not paid their fees by September 30th, they will not be eligible to play in matches until such fees are paid.

Signing Up

If you have been offered a place please click on the button below to complete your enrollment and pay your subscription.

Waiting List & Joining Form
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Thanks for joining our waiting list!

Data Protection

Data Protection legislation requires us to obtain your consent to hold the personal information provided above. The Club will only use it for the purposes of maintaining an up to date waiting list and will not share it with any other individual or organisation. We will not keep the information for any longer than is necessary for these purposes and you may ask at any time to see the information we hold, to be removed from the list or amend these details at any time. We will also use the contact details above to update you about the waiting list and let you know if and when a place becomes available.


For our full Privacy Notice please go to our policies page.

All new pre-applications will be reviewed by the Membership Committee by the end of July for the following season according to the acceptance criteria. Places will then be allocated where there is the availability and parents notified as soon as possible thereafter. Successful applicants will then have until 31st August to pay their membership fees for the forthcoming season.

Membership Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance of membership applications, whether from members of the club in previous seasons or from new potential members, is at the discretion of the committee and coaches of Kings Church Amersham FC.


  • Membership of the club in the prior season

  • Attendance record at training and matches in the prior season

  • Attendance at club events in the prior season

  • Commitment, dedication and attitude in the prior season

  • Anticipated availability during the forthcoming season

  • Support given by parent(s)/carer(s) in the running of the club

  • Siblings already in club membership

  • Payment of membership fee for the forthcoming season

  • Ability (for age 11 and above only)


  • The above criteria will not necessarily be considered in the order in which they are listed above.

  • The weighting given to each of the criteria is at the entire discretion of the committee and coaches.

  • In reviewing membership applications, the committee and coaches may, at their discretion, give priority to applications from children for whom Saturday morning football is the most convenient in terms of accommodating their religious worship commitments.

  • The criteria listed above are to be used in considering membership applications only and will not necessarily apply for the purposes of team selection.

  • Accepted members will be allocated to squads in their respective age groups as determined by the coaches.

  • Records of attendance at training, as well as at matches, will be kept during the season.

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