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Aaron West started his goalkeeping career at KCA F.C.

His dream was to create a goalkeeping academy for young players in the area to get the specialist coaching they required.


Aaron was diagnosed with fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma with pulmonary metastasis (a rare form of liver cancer) in February 2010 and from this moment to his passing on October 29th 2010 Aaron showed unbelievable courage and strength.

Darrell Hoar, Aaron's coach, says "As a goalkeeper he was awesome, technically superb. We all had such tremendous faith in his ability when he was in goal, he was a born leader, a great communicator. He was a great character famed for his brightly coloured boots."

In 2011 Aaron’s dream of a goalkeeping academy became reality when the Aaron West Goalkeeping Academy was established which provides specialist goalkeeping coaching. Please visit the Aaron West Facebook page for more information here.

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