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Reception & Year 1 (Feeder Group)
Coaches: Adrian Abraham, Rob Dadomo, Kam Nahal

Under 7s (Wanderers)
Coaches: Adam Shute, Dai Johns, Mattie Rance

Under 7s (Rangers)
Coaches: Asa Whyte, Ed Kendall, James Peoples

Under 7/8s (Lionesses)
Coaches: Katie Freegard, Sam Burrows

Under 8s (Invincables)

Under 8s (United)
Coaches: Ed Staite, John Bennett

Under 9s (Forest)
Coaches: Kevin Fountain, Graham Gorst

Under 9/10s (Lionesses)
Coaches: Don Graham, Michelle Letton

Under 10s (Harriers)
Coaches: Darren Henderson, Dan Gridley, Phil Woodgate

Under 10s (Falcons)
Coaches: Tim Shorey, Dan Hamilton, Simon Lincoln

Under 11s (City)
Coaches: Derren Plows, Adeel Raza

Under 11s (Gunners)
Coaches:Russell Jones, Simon Hall, Buster Tolfree-Dart

Under 12s (Athletic)
Coaches: Jon Mowbray, Dave Freegard

Under 13s (Dynamos)
Coaches: Ben Stanton, Daniel Hart

Under 13s (Sporting)
Coaches: Rick Newbould, James Carr

Under 14s (Royals)
Coaches: Jessiah Thomas, Henry Seal

Under 14s (Town)
Coaches: Alasdair Sowerby, Paul Tobutt, Adrian Richards

Under 15s (Rovers)
Coaches: Simon McCoy, Dan Moan

Under 15s (Real)
Coaches: Rich Fawdry, Steve Pullen

Under 16s (Albion)
Coaches: Simon Wilkins, Rhys Morgan, Warren Ryland

Under 16s (Thistle)
Coaches: Paul Serkis, Aaron Overy

Under 17/18s (Argyle)
Coaches: Darrell Hoar, Rob Jackson

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