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New Committee Appointments

KCAFC are pleased to announce the following new appointments to the Committee with effect from September 2021.

· Katie Freegard: Lionesses Development Officer

· Simon McCoy: Club Secretary

· Perry Scott: Grounds Maintenance Liaison Officer

· Darrell Hoar: Vice President

Katie will help develop the Lionesses as The Club looks to cement its commitment to providing football for both boys and girls. Katie also coaches the U7/U8 Lionesses.

Simon joins as Club Secretary and will help ensure the smooth running of the Club ensuring we comply with our league and FA obligations. Simon also coaches the U14 Rovers squad.

Perry will be the liaison officer with Amersham Town Council as the Club looks to invest the funds secured from the Football Foundation over the next six years into Barn Meadow, Hervines Park and the ATFC Training ground. Perry also assists the U14 Rovers Squad.

Darrell moves into the Vice Present role and will help promote the Club and assist in Coaching development.

Finally, we say goodbye to Marilyn Hoar (Club Secretary), Peter Hoar, (Pitch and Facilities Manager), Colin Tam (Vice President)

and Adeel Raza (Committee Member) and thank them for their help and support over the years. We wish them well.

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